Xolve’s platform technology makes nanomaterials useful and practical across a wide range of applications. It does this by simultaneously improving multiple attributes of those materials through the intelligent use of nanoparticles such as graphene. First, our technology can inexpensively produce and disperse an array of nanomaterials and do so without adding unwanted chemicals or damaging the atomic structure of the nanomaterial. This ability to dissolve and disperse nanomaterials in pristine form unlocks the extraordinary performance characteristics of nanoparticles–characteristics that have always been expected but seldom delivered.

Xolve has also developed a series of tools that take these dispersed materials and place them into and on target materials while maintaining dispersion—all at low cost. It is this distribution of exfoliated nanomaterials into the target material that unleashes new levels of performance. Xolve’s capabilities fundamentally shift the cost/performance ratio of nanomaterials, making them useful in a significant array of products and applications at cost structures far below the value added through enhanced attributes.

For its first commercial efforts, Xolve has applied its technology to manufacturing and applying exceptionally high quality graphene nanoplatelets at a cost that allows for their use in practical applications in the polymer composite and energy storage material fields. Xolve is working with compounders, article manufacturers and OEM suppliers to develop and supply Master Batch materials that resolve some of the typical attribute trade-offs encountered with conventional composite additives. Strength, for instance, no longer has to be sacrificed to achieve conductivity or barrier properties. Higher performance electrodes need not cost more. Key attributes can be enhanced without compromising desirable properties of the target material.